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CodeGuard shield



Speed Testing
Initial Backup Speed Fastest 132x slower 166x slower
On Demand Backup Speed Fastest N/A 15x slower
Full Site Restore Speed Fastest N/A Manual via zip files
Partial Site Restore Speed Fastest 140x slower N/A
Single File Restoration Speed Fastest 10x slower Manual via zip files
Zip Creation Speed Tie 27x slower Tie

Why do WordPress customers choose CodeGuard?

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Automatic and reliable backups for the websites database in your network.

How a Website Backup Works

Once your website has been added to CodeGuard you will arrive at a real-time progress tracker detailing the status of your initial backup. During the initial backup CodeGuard is capturing everything that you selected and storing it in our encrypted storage system. All Future backups are differential - CodeGuard looks at metadata to identify and store only what has changed, thereby decreasing the load on your server and reducing the storage size of each backup.

Analyze Your Backups Over Time

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How a Database Backup Works

You have the choice of tunneling over SSH or connecting directly using your MySQL credentials. Connecting remotely is usually the easiest. After logging into your control panel, locate your Database Management IP Address. You will use your MySQL credentials to add the database within CodeGuard, and the Database Management IP Address is the IP/port you should supply. Because database backups can be reduced to a small size, we grab the entire database for comparison with the most recent data and replace the older version in the user dashboard if changes are found. You will receive an email once the initial backup has completed, and subsequent daily backups will continue automatically unless you change your settings to reflect otherwise.


See what files are changing and when across your entire network.

During our daily monitoring if we detect any changes with your website (files added, files modified, files deleted) we send you a ChangeAlert notification email.

These notification settings are highly configurable, giving you the option to choose between three different email layouts and the option to turn notifications On or Off on a site-by-site basis.

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Should anything happen to your website, you can restore your content back to a previous date with the click of a button!

Here are the three ways that you can restore your content with CodeGuard:

  1. Download a zip of a backup to perform a manual restore.
  2. Select individual files to restore.
  3. Request an automatic restore of all your content.

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Additional features we offer

Setup without downloading or installing
- SFTP MySQL credentials, and you're done.

Adjustable Settings
- Adjust the frequency of backups and notifications.

Enhanced Security
- Enable Two factor authentication for your account to make it extra secure. We also have an IP logging feature that allows you to monitor who is logging into your account, and when.

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