CodeGuard Product Demo [7:31]

Getting started with CodeGuard is easy and simple. Just provide your FTP or SFTP credentials, and after verifying that CodeGuard can establish a connection, and selecting the content you want to backup, the process begins. Once the process has been initiated, CodeGuard shows each step until completion.

CodeGuard's cPanel Plugin [0:43]

If you are a hosting provider or a reseller, CodeGuard has a cPanel plugin that makes it one-click easy for customers to sign up. After installing the plugin on your server, customers will see the icon appear in their cPanel dashboard.

SFTP Website Backup [1:04]

SFTP is the secure means of transferring data via FTP, and if given an option, should be used all the time. After making sure you have the correct information (port, etc), you can add your site to CodeGuard the same way as you would with FTP.

MySQL Database Backup [00:58]

CodeGuard offers database backup via direct connection and tunneling over SSH. This video shows how easy it is to add your database and then shows what the logged-in dashboard looks like once the backup has been completed.