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"I am in the development phase of my WP site and always start with adding two security plugins right away on my WP installs. Sure enough site attacks were hitting my site a lot within two weeks and of course it was the WP login mostly. But the site had fairly good speed and no malware was showing up via the WordFence security scan. I decided I needed to ad an additional security plugin that has a good reputation.

First I made a cPanel Home Directory and Database backup (of course CodeGuard already had backed up my WP site and database the day earlier). I installed the 3rd security plugin and it immediately broke my site and I could not even access the WP login to uninstall this plugin. I restored the Home Directory and Database backup through cPanel and the site was back up but slow. I then installed the 4th security plugin and now the site was extremely slow. After running some WordFence diagnostics I found residual code and cron jobs from the installation of the 3rd security plugin PLUS the new 4th security plugin and I had un-indexed links and more cron jobs as identified through the WordFence scan.

So just because you uninstall a plugin doesn't mean that all the code, links and cron jobs generated by the newly added plugins are not taken away with the uninstall even if you restore a Home Directory and Database backup from cPanel. So CodeGuard came to the rescue and restored the site and database backup that was made just before going through all the nonsense additions of the 3rd and 4th security modules (these are highly regarded security plugins). The site now was fast and a WordFence scan revealed NO residual code, links or cron jobs from the install of the 3rd or 4th security plugins. It is like the nightmare did not happen."

"Collaborating with CodeGuard is ideal, as the company provides a robust backup offering, and they share our dedication to delivering the highest quality customer service."

"CodeGuard has almost single-handedly allowed us to scale our managed WordPress hosting because of the sheer stability it provides site owners. As I often tell clients, CodeGuard is the reason I can sleep at night!"

"CodeGuard is simply the best website monitoring and backup service I’ve tested."

"If you missed it: CodeGuard backs up your website in the cloud: Great to protect against hacked sites!"

Luxurious Magazine Case Study

"For us, CodeGuard provides complete piece of mind. When you have a website as large as ours with many thousands of articles written by journalists from all around the world, having the right back-up/restore system in place is of paramount importance..."

Easy to use, and faultless.

Luxurious Magazine "For us, CodeGuard provides complete piece of mind. When you have a website as large as ours with many thousands of articles written by journalists from all around the world, having the right back-up/restore system in place is of paramount importance. We are also a news content partner of Microsoft/MSN and they are constantly taking news via feeds so significant downtime would not be ideal. From time to time we have played with the website coding and caused ourselves problems, the CodeGuard restore system has proven to be simple to use and faultless when it has been called upon."

Reliable restores 100% of the time.

"CodeGuard has always managed to restore our website to perfect working order when we have needed it. We also love the e-mail alerts telling us that the site has been backed up including detailed information of the changes that were made to the website. We have used the restore system three times and each time it performed without fault."

A solution for small websites, and large ones.

"We are the world’s leading online dedicated luxury magazine and the world’s most popular luxury brand on Google Plus. We are very pleased with the way the CodeGuard system has performed which is astounding when you consider the low subscription costs. We know that whenever we need to restore our website, CodeGuard can be relied upon. We feel that if it is good enough for a brand as popular as ours with a website as large as ours then it should be sufficient for most websites around the world."

CodeGuard delivers on its promises.

"I wouldn’t say that our experience with CodeGuard was unique, when called upon it performed, this is what we expect and would expect our experience to be the same for all websites that use the system."

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"CodeGuard is an online website backup service provider that really stands out from the crowd. It offers a simple yet powerful interface so you can have your website backups setup in minutes."

"Accidentally let my domain expire. Thank you for the grace period. Also thank you CodeGuard and CloudFlare for ensuring nobody noticed."

"So far, I'm extraordinarily impressed by @CodeGuard. I love the constant backups without having to remember it's needed!"

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